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I have my grandfather's hands, and my father's.
I have their hands and
I have their name, a hand-me-down
that fits—
I'll be the last to wear it.
My hands do things
their hands have done and more,
and less.
I have their hands, and
I have a back that bends
into my work, and a penchant
for humor when I need it.
I have my grandfather's hands, and my father's,
and I carry their guilt, I think,
the sins of the father are visited
on the child--
but I have their dreams too, I think,
and the same way of hoping,
and when I write sometimes my
words aren't my own,
and when I look down I see
grandfather's hands, and my father's.
Heirlooms (for my father, on my grandfather's...)
full title: Heirlooms (for my father, on my grandfather's birthday)
for six years
you've been settling
like a water-stained
box in a basement sitting
in some corner sinking
into yourself you've been waiting
for something to happen
for so long that waiting
seems like enough now--
it's full of so much
but your sharp edges are
for a quarter of your life
you've been dormant
and i wonder--
i fuss with frayed flaps
where the tape doesn't stick,
it's soft like thin velvet--
i peel back papery layers
and i wonder:
what will fall out
of you when all
those walls fall away?
instead of breathing,
air pushes its way inside
and i can only drive it out
for a moment
before it charges in again
and fills unwilling
forces them to expand out
like wings stretching
into sky and sun
a rush of air
that violates a sacred space
and takes its place--
sets up camp
nice and easy
near my heart
and i'm so tired
i can't evict it
like i want,
i just can't breathe
when winter comes.
days like these
mope mope mope 
I can see already
the woman you'll find someday--
I can just barely make her out
so far away still,
but even from a distance
I can see she's beautiful.

When you come to me
with those eyes I've looked
into through sun and rain,
those eyes I've watched
fill with fury and joy,
worry and wonder--
when those eyes shine
with some new light
that isn't mine,
when they glow
with a question you don't know
you're trying to ask,
I'll see what you need
(you were never mine
to keep)
and I'll love her completely
so that you can do that too.
If I had a son, I'd say
I like the concept, but it did really highlight the need for more gender-neutral language,  because i also would have the exact same sentiment for anyone that my child chose as a partner, regardless of where on the gender-spectrum they were. it'll take some reworking, probably.
I'm a child of the earth--
made from mud that's
thick and cold--
I catch sunlight in my hair
but I have winter in my bones
and moss under my tongue
and further down below
a thorny thicket grows
between my legs, I hide
shadows behind my knees
I have twigs between my toes
I whisper in the quiet
things that everybody knows:
that everybody loves a clearing--
I wish I was one of those.
everybody loves a clearing
sometimes it's easy to just feel like a piece of work. looking forward to spring.


United States
Current Residence: Nashville, TN
I never know how people feel about getting a million billion comments thanking them for favoriting work i've done, so typically i abstain, and just post a journal about it every once in a while. so here's another one!
truly, outside support of stuff i write still feels like a special treat or like some sort of reward from the universe--it's a wonderful feeling to have people interested in a facet of my life so inherent to the thing that makes me me.
thank you so much.

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